ordinary and extraordinary transactions

Supporting and guiding our corporate customers, with a careful approach to their particular situation: “Studio Raengo – Corporate Law Firm” offers consulting services to businesses and their respective owners for ordinary and ongoing operations as well as the most complex and delicate extraordinary transactions. We work with in-house collaborators and specialised external professionals, and we have a partnership dating back many years with Studio Ghidini, Girino & Associati in Milan, particularly in matters relating to financial law. As a partner of Unindustria Pordenone, our law firm guarantees up-to-date legal expertise, in line with the ongoing legal and jurisprudential developments concerning the world of SMEs.


Corporate and commercial law

  • Acquisitions (due legal diligence, contracts, negotiations)
  • Corporate debts restructuring
  • Transfer between generations
  • IPO
  • Mergers, transformations, demergers
  • Corporate crisis
  • Bankruptcy and like proceedings
  • Shareholders’ litigations
  • Statutes and shareholder agreements

International law

  • Contracts with foreign counterparts
  • Negotiations with foreign counterparts
  • Setting up of foreign companies (subsidiaries, representative offices etc.)
  • Foreign joint ventures
  • Litigations with foreign counterparts
  • Credit recoveries abroad
  • Assistance in litigations before foreign courts
  • Direct assistance in international arbitration proceedings

Labour law

  • Individual and collective dismissals
  • Transfer of companies
  • Management of problems with human resources
  • Special contracts with executives
  • Stock options
  • Management of corporate crises
  • Assistance in trade union matters, also during the course of negotiations for the renewal of collective corporate agreements
  • Assistance in aspects regarding labour law during the phase of the analysis and implementation of corporate restructuring operations as well as due diligence preparatory to the acquisition of shares in companies or corporations

Financial law

  • Securitization
  • Issue of financial instruments, securities, bonds, notes, o.t.c. derivatives (futures, options, swaps etc.)
  • Relations with supervisory and control bodies (Consob, Bank of Italy, Covip etc.)
  • Contracts with banks
  • Contracts with financial brokers (negotiation, procurement of orders, management, financial consultancy etc.)
  • Financing contracts and identification of institutional financial partners (merchant banks, banking institutes, specialist finance houses etc.)

Industrial and anti-trust law

  • Patents covering inventions and industrial models
  • Patents for creative models
  • Trade marks
  • Data banks
  • Domain names
  • Copyright
  • Computer programmes
  • Industrial design
  • Advertising
  • Publishing
  • Unfair competition
  • Anti-trust laws
  • Misleading advertising
  • Breach of contracts regarding industrial property

Real estate law

  • Assessment of urban development, administrative and civil law aspects in the acquisition of real estates
  • Real Estate Development deals
  • Assistance in identifying purchasers or end users for land and building complexes, and in negotiations with the same
  • Real Estate Contracts

European community legislation

  • Corporate mergers and EC anti-trust legislation
  • Extra-ordinary transactions and EC anti-trust legislation
  • Applications submitted to the European Commission