ordinary disputes and arbitration in Italy and abroad

Managing corporate disputes requires the ability to identify the most appropriate legal strategy to protect the client’s interests, as well as a network of external professionals operating in their areas of expertise, often located beyond domestic borders. On this basis, “Studio Raengo – Corporate Law Firm” is able to represent companies in business and corporate disputes: from credit recovery in Italy and abroad to the domain of legally complex issues appearing before ordinary and high courts. The law firm also has practical experience of resolving disputes, including via arbitration, in over fifty countries around the world, relying on the cooperation of trusted foreign affiliates. In particular, we strive to find out-of-court solutions to disputes.


Internal (national) litigations

  • Commercial litigations
  • Credit recoveries
  • Decisions enforcement
  • Security and interim proceedings
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Labour litigations
  • Arbitrations
  • Corporate litigations
  • Civil litigations
  • “In rem” rights litigations
  • Inheritance litigations
  • Family litigations
  • Criminal company lawsuits

International litigations
In collaboration with trustworthy foreign correspondents:

  • Litigations with foreign counterparts
  • Credit recoveries abroad
  • Assistance in foreign Courts’ litigations
  • International Arbitrations
  • Assistance before the UE Courts proceedings