national and international

Writing and interpreting contracts is becoming an ever more frequent and relevant activity when managing a business, and the level of complexity is even greater for customers who wish to operate outside of Italy. “Studio Raengo – Corporate Law Firm” has extensive experience in the drafting of commercial, corporate, industrial, labour and real estate contracts; in the assessment and potential modification of contracts offered by counterparties; and in negotiations aimed at drawing up contracts. Our regular work in support of many local businesses with a focus on exports and our proficient use of English have naturally led us to specialise in international contract law.


International and internal (national) contracts also in foreign languages

  • Sale and supply agreements
  • Distribution
  • Agency
  • Commercial consultancy
  • Brokerage
  • General conditions of sale and purchase
  • Patent and trademarks license Licensing agreements
  • Franchising and merchandising
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Equity and non equity Joint Ventures
  • Technology transfer Agreements
  • Tender contracts and temporary corporate combines
  • Commercial and financial leasing contracts
  • Loan agreements, sureties, letters of credit and guarantees
  • Banks and other financial institutions and securitization contracts
  • Real Estate contracts
  • Negotiation agreements (MOU, Letters of Intent, Confidentiality Agreements)